Happy Book Birthday for Midlife Crisis by L. B. Dunbar.

Thank you L. B. Dunbar for writing another romance story for the over 40 reader.  My copy of Midlife Crisis just arrived on my kindle and I can’t wait to dive into Hank and Midge’s story; my review will follow shortly after i complete the book.    Congratulations my friend on your big Day!!!  XO  Karen Komarinski.




☆¸.•*¨*★☆★ NEW RELEASE! NOW LIVE! ★☆★¸.•*¨*☆


A sexy silver fox might be the perfect solution to a midlife crisis.


Midlife Crisis

Another romance for the over 40

L.B. Dunbar

Romantic Comedy


Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2rZRo1b

Amazon CA: http://bit.ly/CAMidlifeCrisis

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/UKMidlifeCrisis

Amazon AU: http://bit.ly/AUMidlifeCrisis


Cover Design: Shanoff Designs

Cover Model: Tom Ernsting


Midge Everette.

I’m forty-one today.

It’s my birthday,

And I’m crying over burnt toast.

That’s not some euphemism.

Literally, I’m sobbing over stupid bread,

so I call a crisis center.

I just need someone to talk to about life.

Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line.

In the name of all things, don’t let it be…

Hank Paige.

As a former rock star,

I once had it all.

Fame. Fortune. Females.

Except for the one thing I wanted most.

Now, I fix cars and restore other people’s dreams.

I just want to be somebody’s someone.

And there’s a certain woman with captivating eyes,

I want to fulfill my dreams.

For the love of all things, please let it be her…

In the midst of questioning everything,

could love be the resolution to a midlife crisis?

+ o +

If you loved Tommy Carrigan in After Care meet his best friend and former drummer, Hank, as he discovers romance in his forties.

Book 2 of the silver fox, former rock stars can be read as a standalone.


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Chaos(Constellation #2) has begun!

Congratulations to my friend and very talented Author .Jennifer Locklear on the release of Chaos book 2 in the Constellation series.  I was very honored when Jenn asked if I woud be interest to take part in her early read and review team.  Chaos is told from Jack Evans point of veiw and you will be blown away!    Below you will find links to purchase your copy Chaos.  Cheers Jenn xo Karen




She’s intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally numb.
He’s older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.

Up-and-coming executive, Kathleen Brighton is ready to launch her family’s firm into the next level of success. Polished and professional on the outside, Kathleen’s personal life is a source of constant struggle and letdown. But after one night alone with Jack Evans, her sexy new colleague, her life takes a turn toward erotic intensity.

Torn between her instinct to guard herself and her irresistible desire for Jack, Kathleen has only known heartache. And when she finds herself in the middle of a shattering personal crisis, she must trust fragile and uncertain bonds to survive. Will Kathleen conquer the demons of her past to find a future worth fighting for?









iBooks ➜ http://brev.is/sHNC

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Tulsa Time is Now

I just want to take a moment and congratulate S. L. Scott on another ground breaking story.  Tulsa is the youngest sibling and his story is the second installment in the adventures of the Crow Brothers.  Below you will find my review plus information on how to get your copy of Tulsa: Thank you Suzie for giving me the opportunity to read and review Tulsa before the release date May 3rd 2018.  Cheers, Karen 
5 star ***** Review: Tulsa is the youngest of the Crow brothers he is sexy and charming and is enjoying his conquest in each city of the tour, his older brother jet tells Tulsa to slowdown and Rivers tells him to be careful because sometimes the past has a way of sneaking back into our lives causing unrest. The Crow brothers meet the band that is opening for them and Tulsa eyes lock onto the lead singer Nikki Faris of Faris Wheel; and Tulsa is quickly told hands off by her brother Laird & cousin Shane. The members of the Resistance tells Tulsa not to hook up Farris Wheel for if it goes bad it will make for a long Tour. Tulsa insist that he will never be changed by a woman like his brother Jet and the other married members of the Resistance….But Tulsa Never seen Nikki Faris coming into his life & that is when things change for them both. S.L. Scott gives us another great rock n roll read with characters that we already love and introduces us to new favorites. Come and get to know Tulsa Crow better & find out if he & Nikki Faris become more then just tour mates but a couple who don’t their past take over their future. You will find a lot of twist and surprises that will keep on your toes. Congratulations S.L Scott for giving us another wild story; I can’t wait to meet Rivers next.
Title: Tulsa
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
~FREE in Kindle Unlimited~
Amazon US: http://bit.ly/TulsaUS
Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/TulsaUK
Amazon AUS: http://bit.ly/TulsaAmAus
Amazon Can: http://bit.ly/TulsaAmCan
 tulsa ebook cover
From New York TimesBestsellingAuthor,S.L.Scott,comesahot newrock star romance that
will sweep you off your feet and leave you with a smile.
The rumors are true. At least where I’m concerned.
Drummers hit it harder and do it better.
WomenlovemeandIlovethem.But Iliketothink ofmyselfasasensitivesoultrappedina
lady-killer’s body. Not so surprisingly,Ivebeen calledcocky a time or two. What can I say? We
can’t all be boy scouts.
NikkiFarishasthrownoffmyrhythm.Withherredlips,smart aleckmouth,shortskirts,long
legs, and blue-sky eyes, the beautiful lead singer has become a complete distraction on this tour.
She loves to give me a hard time when all Iwant todo is give her the pleasure of my hard—time
right back.
TulsaCrowcan savehispick uplines,great eight-pack abs,andcutedimplestouseon someone
else.Mybandearnedtheirspot onTheResistance’stourjust likeTheCrowBrothers.I’mnot
going to blow it getting sidetrackedbyacockyrock starthatwantstosleephisway through the
states. I’ve been called a name or two, but easy isn’t one of them.
But the best intentionswith himturnintoawalkofshamefor me.Only,Idon’t feel shame.
Instead, I’m doing the very thing I said I wouldn’t—falling for a playboy.
We make sinful music when we’re on the road,but what happens to our melody when the tour
tulsa full cover
Title: Tulsa
Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 3, 2018
Cover Design: RBA Designs
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/TulsaGR
Nikki Faris is amazing.
Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also smart and strong. She says what she thinks,
not worried about sharing her opinions or anyone judging her for them. She can defend
the craziest ideas and has theories on everything from what she thinks jackfruit tastes
like to why the stars always shine on the darkest nights.
Nikki Faris is mesmerizing.
Her lips.
Her eyes.
The way her head tilts back when she laughs at her own jokes. She’s adorably
funny. Even the way she rolls her eyes is growing on me.
Nikki Faris is the sexiest woman I’ve ever spent time with, and I haven’t even
slept with her.
Her denim skirt rides up really fucking high when she’s sitting. I don’t know
whether I should cover her or encourage her to wiggle more. Every time she moves
around on that barstool, my eyes dash between her blues and those bare legs. I’m so
tempted to run my hand over the smooth skin of her thigh, but I resist because I’m just
starting to earn her trust.
But then she leans over, resting her hand on my leg, the tips of her fingers
dipping toward my cock, waking it up, and whispers, “I think you got me drunk, Crow.”
Chuckling, I reply, “You got yourself drunk, Faris.”
Suddenly, her free hand wanders into my hair. “Your hair is soft. No gel.” She
drags the bridge of her nose along my neck, causing my dick to harden. “You smell so
good. So manly. What cologne do you wear?”
“Soap and sweat, sweetheart.”
“Tulsa. Tulsa. Tulsa.” Leaning back to look me in the eyes, she confesses, “It
shouldn’t, but that really turns me on.”
I laugh again and stop her hand from wandering higher on my leg. “You’re a
horny drunk.”
“I am,” she replies, resting her head on my shoulder. “Have you ever heard the
phrase sleeping with the enemy?”
“I have.” I touch her, not able to stop myself as I tuck those wild strands of hair
behind her ear.
The bartender sets the tab down in front of me. Nikki reaches for it, but I grab it
first. “My treat.”
“I have a feeling I’m going to be swearing your name in the morning.”
I do a double take. “You mean because of the alcohol, right?” While waiting for
her to answer a question I already know the answer to, images of her swearing my name
for other reasons cross my mind.
She doesn’t answer, which is probably best.
SLScott author pic
Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados,
beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good
plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the
emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds
surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro
Website:http://www.slscottauthor.com/The ScottScoop:http://bit.ly/2TheScoopInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/s.l.scott/
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It only takes a SPARK….It’s live




I was given an opportunity to read Spark by S.L. SCOTT  before it went live on 2/22/2018.  My Review:  You are in for real treat when you meet Jet Crow and his brother’s River and Tulsa. They are not only brothers, but best friends and band-mates; who’s futures are looking bright especially when Johnny Outlaw comes calling.  Thing are about to change in a different way for Jet when he meets Hannah and spark’s fly and after a night together she disappears. Then 6 month later she show up as the band wrapped up their show.  Hannah shocks him with news that he has a 6 year old son who just lost his mother; and she has paperwork for him to sign over his parental rights. This story has twist and turns full of hurt half truths and down right lies. Now they have to figure out what is the truth and what are the lies. In the end a little boy named Alfie may have all the answers.  Come on this journey and find out if The Crow brother’s find success, and will Hannah and Jet come together on the same team.   You will find links below to order your copy of “Spark.”  

Live Links:

Happy Book Birthday S.L. Scott!









One break is all The Crow Brothers need and we’re about to get it.
Johnny Outlaw, rock legend and lead singer of The Resistance, is here to watch us play.
But he’s not the only familiar face in the crowd—killer little body, heart-shaped face, and
drop-dead gorgeous

Hannah Nichols sitting at the bar makes it hard to concentrate, sparks already
reigniting. The beauty was never a groupie and tonight she’s not here to catch our show.
She came to drop a bomb. “You have a son.”
She underestimated me. I’ll prove to my son, and her, that I can be the dad he needs.
What is it about musicians? Why are they so damn sexy?
My heart was Jet Crow’s the moment he opened his sexy mouth and sang that first song.
One stolen night with that man would never be enough, but I’m not here to fall into his
bed. Again. I’m here to fight for custody of a son he’s never known.
There’s just one problem. Those sparks between us have become flames. If we’re not
careful we’re both going to get burned
Jet Crow
Subtle scents of cinnamon mix with the taste of whiskey on her skin. I lick her from
collarbone to the back of her ear, her moans enticing me to take more than a gentle
share of what I want.
I’m well past hooking up with groupies, but something drew me to the beautiful
brunette. Under the bright spotlight of that stage, my eyes found hers as I sang about
finding the missing piece of
me. Maybe it was the way she pretended to not care, catching my eyes and then turning
away as if she was too shy to come speak to me, but too good to be bothered. It didn’t
matter. I was already caught up in her as much as she was caught up in me

The set ended and I made my way over to the mystery woman, the one who hid in the
dark of the bar just as two shots were served. I took the shot of Fireball and then took
her home shortly after.
Fuck. She feels good.
Hard little body, but soft in all the right places. Tits that fill my large hands and legs that
spread enough for me to squeeze between her thighs. I bet she wouldn’t reach my
shoulders in heels. Speaking of, “Keep them on.”
I like the feel of the leather against my lower back, the hard heel scraping across my skin
when she tries to power play me by tightening around my waist and pulling me closer. I
didn’t ask her to my bedroom. I didn’t have a chance. What started out as laughing while
we shared a two a.m. snack of Cheetos, hummus, and whiskey turned into me eating her
as a snack on top of my kitchen counter. I don’t ever do that with a one-nighter, but
damn if she didn’t make me want to break more rules with her.
She kisses me like a woman in need of water, taking as much as she wants while
pressing her heels into my ass. The heat between us emanates until I’m dragging my
shirt off to try to cool down.
I knew she was different the moment she opened her mouth back at the bar. “You sing
rock with so much soul. Who hurt you?”
“No one gets close enough to do me any harm.”
“That’s a pity.”
“It’s a pity I’ve never been hurt?”
“No, it’s a pity you’ve never loved anyone enough to get hurt.”
My heart started beating for what felt like the first time as I looked into her sultry eyes. I
could blame the booze, but I can’t lie to myself. She had me thinking twice on things I
never considered once before. Who was this woman? Even with our stomachs full, we
weren’t satisfied. She dragged me by the belt down the hall to my bedroom. Her clothes
were off and mine quickly followed before we tumbled into bed.
Fast. I want to fuck her fast and hard, but every time our eyes connect there’s such
sadness found in her grays that I slow down. Wanting her to hold contact, I cup her
cheek. “Hannah?”
Her eyes slowly open, the long lashes framing the lust I find between them. “What?” she
asks between heavy breaths.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m good.”
“Just making sure.”
She runs her hands up my neck and into the back of my hair. “I’m sure.” Pulling me
down to her, our mouths are just a few inches apart when she whispers, “I want you. I
want to do this.”
Shy isn’t something I’d call her considering we were in my bed two hours after meeting.
I like a woman who knows what she wants. Hannah knows. And fuck if it isn’t a turn on
that she wants me.
SLScott author pic
About The Author
Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados,
beaches, and cooking with her kids. She’s obsessed with epic romances and loves a good
plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the
emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds
surfing a challenge though she likes to think she’s a pro.
Website: http://www.slscottauthor.com/
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After Care Cover Reveal

I’m very excited to share the Cover of L. B. Dunbars new standalone story.   I was also very lucky to receive an ARC to read before it’s release on January 31 2018.  After Care is a beautiful story of new beginnings, heart-break of a life lived gone because of cheating & illness.   While on vacation in Hawaii with her grown children Caleb and Masie to Celebrate Edie beating breast cancer & new beginnings of being single.  Edie is swept off her feet by silver Fox Rocker and band manager Tommy Carrigan; who helps her realize she is a beautiful women inside and out & their relationship forces Edie to find her voice & except she deserves love after 40.   This is an amazing cover that matches this hot complex romance.  I hope you add After Care to your TBR list and fall in love with Edie and Tommy just like I did.    After Care is only one of many amazing stories written by  L.B. Dunbar; I highly recommend you Explore them all.


After Care

By L.B. Dunbar

Contemporary Rom-Com for Gen X


Releasing 1.31.18


AFTER CARE: https://www.subscribepage.com/loveover40


TBR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37793474-after-care



Breast cancer survivor Edie Williams is ready to live.

Divorced. Mother of two.

She’s planned the vacation of a lifetime for a reboot,

only to encounter an awakening adventure—Tommy Carrigan.

Manager of the band Collision, Tommy Carrigan has his plate full.

Independent. Carefree.

He’s on an annual holiday with his band family,

when the unexpected happens—Edie Williams.

Love might be just what the doctor prescribed,

but can it survive the world of rock-n-roll?


If you enjoyed The Sex Education of M.E., you’ll love After Care, another romance for the over-forty from L.B. Dunbar. Continue the adventure previously published in Love Notes, the newsletter of L.B. Dunbar.

LOVE NOTES: https://app.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/j7j2s0

The Man In The Black Suit by Sylvain Reynard

I want to thank Sylvain Reynard for inviting me & my blog to be apart of his highly anticipated release of; The Man In The Black Suit. 🎶 Long cool woman in a black Dress played in my head as I read this amazing story:< strong>Have your passport ready for this will take you on a trip of a life time. From page one this story had you hanging on tightly, following the mystery, danger and the awakening of two Souls that have been hiding for years. Acacia pretending to be someone else not only to fit in and trying to keep prejudice against her at bay but also to keep dangers from her past keeping her & her mother safe. Nicholas aka Pierre Breckman, has been hiding in his quest to avenge a wrong against his family and to avenge the death of his sister Riva. Acacia and Nicholas first meeting well let’s just say it was a bit chilly but a misunderstanding throws them together and they learn to trust one another. Acacia shows Nicholas that injustice can be fought/resolved without violence; and Acacia is made aware that sometimes things happen out of ones control. Sylvain Reynard has a way with his writing to highlight social injustice and reminding the reader we need more kindness and tolerance in the world. SR also knows how to write romance and love; while highlighting art,and history. I hope you go on this Journey with Acacia & Nicholas, your heart will be changed forever. Thank you SR for letting me be apart of the ARC reading of TMITBS, I hope my review does your story justice. < strong>Karen Komarinski aka (KK) I will cook to read !< >< strong>LINKS:<<<<<<< a href=”http://hyperurl.co/6qlz7i”>hyperurl.co/6qlz7i<<<<<<<<<<<<&lt; a href=”https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhyperurl.co%2Fr1flgr&h=ATNnNe3RpMxuVkjd18P8XEeWbTapv-OmKrcjPwdEjmfFovBCBAd17-8fcjr0e8KI_k9hFBpDigIN6_T5wBTpub1IgUAT1L7c8sFUVProppt9dF6-NZmSu85WkyR-6lWfs1yig32wVXAJOi9MmhtqgMw16emoKUu1mafpgKS7K71uck7pu-BO39Hfj2uN7GWlSafNSJaDBA5EKfkNULU_uB7LU4mL8FP9qQkfKCabnxrKYctgr4Dyn3vZ8Xqs5ksxo6s8GqyFdM2_wm5QWgQ_ZP5SH3NPF85bt-X2vq-bEvFf7NJj”>hyperurl.co/r1flgr<<<<<<<<<<<<<&lt;

< a href=”http://www.sylavinreynard.com/”&gt;http://www.sylavinreynard.com<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

n"  https://www.facebook.com/groups/148580312442513/<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

“Constellation” Happy Release Day Congratulations Jennifer Locklear!!!!

ConsEbook  I am very excited to share the release of this amazing Story that was written by my friend Jennifer Locklear.    I was honored to be apart of this process, first with the cover reveal, then I was given an advance copy to read and review, and now letting everyone know how and where you can get your copy of the moving story. I purchased my own ebook on Amazon last night!

……May You Never Stop Reaching For The Stars…..

reviewI strongly recommend you put Constellation on your TBR list and tell all of your friends all about it!   Constellation is an amazing story, you are captivated with Jack and Kathleen when you read the first on the first page; you emotionally vested no turning back. I found myself talking back to Kathleen and Jack, telling them to communicate with one another and at times yelling at Kathleen to stop letting her mind and fear lead her astray. Their connection is strong and you will be rooting for them all the way. This is a romance story like you never read before and it’s author is brilliant, very hot scenes but at the same time is tackling issues we all struggle with daily. If you don’t put Constellation on you TBR list you will be sorry, this just the beginning of great things to come. Thank you Jennifer Locklear for sharing your talent and this beautiful story.  *This review can be found on my Goodreads page and on Amazon under lstnrome.

Title: Constellation

Author: Jennifer Locklear
Genre: Contemporary RomanceRelease Date: October 2
Add to your TBR: http://bit.ly/2bB7pmC

She’s intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally numb.
He’s older, sophisticated, and harboring secrets.

Up-and-coming executive, Kathleen Brighton is ready to launch her family’s firm into the next level of success. Polished and professional on the outside, Kathleen’s personal life is a source of constant struggle and letdown. But after one night alone with Jack Evans, her sexy new colleague, her life takes a turn toward erotic intensity.

Torn between her instinct to guard herself and her irresistible desire for Jack, Kathleen has only known heartache. And when she finds herself in the middle of a shattering personal crisis, she must trust fragile and uncertain bonds to survive. Will Kathleen conquer the demons of her past to find a future worth fighting for?

Buy Links

Constellation by Jennifer Locklear https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7RDTRS/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_MR9bybWJ3CK1T via @amazonAbout the Author



Jennifer Locklear lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. She married her high school sweetheart, Morgan, in 1995. She is the mother of two children, a son and daughter.

Jennifer enjoyed creative writing as an adolescent, but set aside her favorite hobby to concentrate on college studies, career and family. In 2010, she rediscovered her passion for writing when her husband recruited her to edit his own stories. They co-authored and published their debut novel, Exposure, in 2014.

Since 2000, Jennifer has been employed in fundraising and development for a non-profit organization. She has been a contributing reviewer for the “Bookish Temptations” book blog and is a founding moderator of “Argyle Empire,” an approved fan site for author Sylvain Reynard.
She also enjoys participating in charitable activities, both locally and online.

Constellation is Jennifer’s first solo novel.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MorganandJenniferLocklear/?fref=ts
Twitter https://twitter.com/RandomCran


Breast Cancer Awareness “MOUTH” a steamy Anthology

Dear Followers, todays blog I am helping out a group of talented writers who have come together to not only raise awareness by also join the fight against Breast Cancer.   Below you will find information about this box set how and where to pre-order your copy if you are interested. You will also find Bio for each of the participating authors.  Thank you for your patients and time and please spread the word about this box set.  

I will be coming to you soon with our regular scheduled program of stories and wonderful recipes from my kitchen.

Thank you for all your support.   Karen L Komarinski

Full Wrap-2

Title: Mouth: A Steamy Anthology
Authors: Carter Ashby, Josie Bordeaux, M.C. Cerny, Christy Dilg, S.M. Donaldson, L.B. Dunbar, Roxie Elms, Mary Catherine Gebhard, Cassie Graham, Danielle Jamie, Lorraine Loveit, Kristen Hope Mazzola, Scarlett Metal, Katherine Rhodes, t. h. snyder, Kandi Steiner, Layla Stevens, Madison Street, E.A. Sutton, and Dawne Walters
Release Date: Oct 30, 2015
Find on Goodreads – http://bit.ly/1M4vIFq

Landscape portrait of young beautiful stylish couple sensual and having fun outdoor. Film effect


20 authors bring you 20 brand new, steamy romances to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.

The Dark, Hot Night – Carter Ashby
Faking Love – Josie Bordeaux
Angel – M.C. Cerny
Vampire Escapade – Christy Dilg
Lesson for Lox – S.M. Donaldson
Paradise Tempted – L.B. Dunbar
Cherry Pop – Roxie Elms
In Session – Mary Catherine Gebhard
The Trouble with Cowboys – Cassie Graham
Scandalous – Danielle Jamie
A Singer and a Solider – Lorraine Loveit
Rough & Tumble – Kristen Hope Mazzola
Second Chances – Scarlett Metal
Lessons – Katherine Rhodes
Lost Soul – t. h. snyder
Tag Catcher – Kandi Steiner
Tonight Only – Layla Stevens
Sea of Flames – Madison Street
Sirens – E.A. Sutton
Commander’s Wife – Dawne Walters
Pre-Order Links:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/1NeQLa0
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/1Grcqnz
Kobo – http://bit.ly/1PYORbb
iTunes – http://apple.co/1PYONbm
About Mouth:

Mouth Karaoke Bar and Grill was founded by Christy Dilg in 2013 in the Forbidden Series. Christy decided to have an auction event supporting breast cancer awareness and donating the funds raised to the cause after the fans expressed their interest. The Mouth Rocks for the Cause Facebook event went so well that Christy decided to continue the event every year and to add Mouth in all of her upcoming books and donate portions of her book sales to the charity in that story. Writing has always been about making a difference to Christy and Mouth is sure to add to that.

This year Mouth Rocks for the Cause will hold its third annual Facebook auction supporting breast cancer in October. The event will last a week but Mouth will be doing other things during the month to raise for the cause such as this wonderful collection “Mouth, A steamy anthology” which will feature almost twenty amazing authors together in a box set of novellas. The proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Author Info:

Carter Ashby – Carter Ashby is a hardworking housewife and homeschool mother by day, and a romance reader and writer by night. She lives in rural Missouri with her husband, three children, and two dogs.

Josie Bordeaux – Josie Bordeaux is the author of the Alluring Promises series. Her romance novels revolve around friendships, sizzling attraction and steamy sex scenes. Lust, passion and love are all entwined with a lot of drama and fun-filled friendships. Josie lives in the sunshine state with her best friend (AKA – husband) and two sweet, and very creative daughters.

When she’s not driving her kids around town, she’s usually clicking her fingernails on her keyboard or down at the beach where her eyes are glued to her kindle app reading.

M.C. Cerny – M.C. Cerny first fell in love with books after experiencing her first real ugly cry reading, Where The Red Fern Grows. Her debut romantic suspense novel, Flashpoint was written in a series of post-it-note ramblings that would likely make her idol Tom Clancy blush. She is a post graduate of NYU, working fulltime, and calls rural NJ home with her menagerie of human and feline fur-babies. When M.C. is not writing, you’ll find her lurking in Starbucks, running marathons, singing Disney show tunes, and searching out the perfect shade of pink nail polish.

Christy Dilg – Christy Dilg is a erotica romance author and also a full-time medical biller/assistant. When she’s not writing she spends her time with her husband and teenage daughter. She is also known as Radiation Girl after beating thyroid cancer and finally living life the correct way and embracing her glow.

S.M. Donaldson – S.M. Donaldson is a born and raised Southern girl. She grew up in a small rural town on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the kind of place where everyone knows your business before you do, especially when your Daddy is a cop and your Mom works for the school system. She married one of her best friends at the age of 20 and has one son. She is a proud military wife, has always had a soft spot for a good story, and is known to have a potty mouth. At the age of 31, she decided there was no time like the present to attempt her first book. Sam’s Choice was born and she hasn’t stopped since. If you are looking for a good, steamy, Southern set romance with true Southern dialect, she’s your girl.

L.B. Dunbar – I’d love to say I’ve written for 10,000 hours, and that makes me a pro. But I can’t say that. What I can say is I had a story in my head that wouldn’t go away. I thought typing it in my computer would be the end of things, but it only led to another story and another. I love reading, so characters in my head isn’t something new. What is new is my creation of them. Hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do. Happy reading!

Roxie Elms – I’m a wild girl. I write about that. Sexy, steamy reads to enjoy at your leisure. I’m a world traveler from the UK and I’ve been everywhere. My mother was a Personal Assistant to a big star and it was an awesome life traveling with her. My stories will thrill, leave chills, intoxicate and bring you to pleasure.

Join me. It’s a wild world to savor.

Mary Catherine Gebhard – Mary Catherine Gebhard bites off more than she can chew and sometimes calls herself Eva Natsumi. She’s lived in Salt Lake City, Utah her entire life, but occasionally goes on vacation from reality. Don’t worry, she sends postcards.

Cassie Graham – Cassie Graham is first and foremost, a wife and mother. She has one crazy daughter and a just as nutters husband that she loves dearly. She lives in sunny–all be it, scorching Arizona, where the summers are ridiculously hot and the winters are perfection. She’d pick winter any day. Obviously. 😉

Cassie has always loved to write and is so thankful that she’s able to do it full-time. She’s very lucky to have a husband who works his booty off working so she can live out her dream.

Danielle Jamie – Danielle Jamie is a contemporary romance author who loves getting lost in a good book or writing a memorable love story. Her most popular works are her Bestselling Savannah Series, her heart wrenching standalone Tempt my Heart and her steamy new taboo novellas in her Stepbrother Series!

She lives in Upstate NY with her husband, two daughters and son. She loves traveling and seeing the world all the while meeting her fans along the way at Author Events.

Lorraine Loveit – Even though Ms Loveit has a very busy life (wife, mother and secretary) she still manages to devote time to her passion for writing, and of course, reading.

Ms Loveit’s current story came to her in a dream and it just grew from there. It is an erotic relationship theme with bdsm elements. She started writing it just to “get it out of my head.” Lorraine has many more stories “in her head” just waiting for her to finish her current series. She also intends writing more short erotic stories.

She lives in the south west of Western Australia. When on holidays enjoys camping with her family and two dogs; always making sure she has plenty of reading material and, since she started writing, her laptop is the first thing packed.

Kristen Hope Mazzola – I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time “day job” and by night I am an author. I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world.
Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I’d like or just to shoot the, well you know.

A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

Scarlett Metal – Scarlett lives in the Midwest with her family. When she’s not busy writing steamy stories, she can be found reading, camping, or looking for an adventure. She loves Diet Coke, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and 80’s hair bands.

Katherine Rhodes – Author of erotica, light BDSM erotica and paranormal erotica. Expert in the profundities of bad movies and awful literature. Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature she has set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. A lackadaisical laundry goddess, Katherine resides in Philadelphia with her husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.

t. h. snyder – I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania Sept 1979. For nine years I worked in the field of higher education while earning my Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management from University of Phoenix. I’m a single mother to two amazing children that are my world. I became an avid reader in spring of 2012 and since has read over 300 books. My genre of interest ranges from Romance to thrilling Paranormal.

This is more than just a hobby for me, it’s a passion to read the words of great authors and bring life to their stories with my reviews and character castings.
I started writing my first novel in June of 2013 and anxious to see where this journey takes me!

Kandi Steiner – Kandi Steiner is a Creative Writing and Advertising/Public Relations graduate from the University of Central Florida living in Tampa with her husband. Kandi works full time as a social media specialist, but also works part time as a Zumba fitness instructor and blackjack dealer.

Kandi started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic (like most girls brought up on Disney movies).

When Kandi isn’t working or writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys beach days, movie marathons, live music, craft beer and sweet wine – not necessarily in that order.

Layla Stevens – I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1996. I have a huge family who I shocked them when I told them I was writing my first book. I have had a love a reading since I was young. Reading has always been my escape. I can read and be a princess or a warrior. Reading for me was always something magical. And I hope to pass that on to you all.

I am blessed to be the mom of a little girl named Sage who is the light of my life. {I call her Olga, and she hates it} I did not give birth to her but I choose her.

Madison Street – Madison Street was born in New York City and was raised in the Bronx, where she resided until she was 17 years old. After 9/11, Madison joined the United States Navy to serve her country.

During the deployments, Madison constantly wrote short stories and she discovered her passion for writing. You will find Madison always on the computer, whether she’s on Facebook, designing websites, messing with Photoshop, or writing for her blog.

Besides writing, her second passion is music and dance. Even though she’s a terrible singer, she’ll still belt it out in the shower, especially if the song is her jam! She currently resides in Virginia with her husband of 8 years, 2 children, a dog, and a cat. She is so excited to start this amazing journey and is honored to be part of such a compassionate and loving community.

E.A. Sutton – LINKS

Dawne Walters – I started writing in journals when I was seven or eight when I lived in Europe. Little short stories that were inspired by the many castles and historic places that evoke the imagination. I also kept a journal while deployed to ‘escape’. I would write short stories about military romance. So, some of those will become full length novels…some with a happy and not so happy ending! Be prepared.

I never started out to be an author. I always wanted to be a nurse practitioner. I’ll get there maybe, one day…

My hobbies are photography (yes, I have done weddings, a few CD covers , lots of family and couples sittings). My favorite band is Thirty Seconds to Mars…Give them a listen!

– The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance by L.B. Dunbar


                                                                   Releases September 14,2015

The final chapter in the Legendary Rock Stars has come to a close with Book 5 The trials of Guinevere Degrance

Come along on this journey to see how Camelot ends for not only Guinevere and Arturo but  also for the band of bothers that we have met along the way.  If you have not yet been introduced to the band, all 5 books are available in the Legendary Rock Stars starting today, and the best thing is you don’t have to wait to find out what happens, for you can just go from the  beginning  starting with the legend of Arturo King and ending with the trials of Guinevere Degrance.  If you love Rock Stars, romance, and a modern twist on Camelot, don’t pass up the legendary Rock Stars Series.  Below will contain ordering information for all the books and a bio on L.B. Dunbar.  I have also have included my review on the trials of Guinevere Degrance.  I also have 2 other blog post that discuss this series along with L.B. Dunbar’s Sensation Series.  I am looking for more to come from L.B. Dunbar.

The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance Ebook Cover

Title: The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance
Series: Legendary Rock Stars #4
Author: L.B. Dunbar
Genre: Rock Star Romance
Release Date: September 14, 2015

Don’t judge me. I know you want to, but let’s get some facts straight in my defense.
1. I love Arturo King
2. Arturo left me behind.
3. I was lonely.
4. Lansing was an old friend.
5. I love Arturo King.
Did you burn the fictional damsel in distress that cuddled and kissed her best friend when her fantastical boyfriend disappeared for months? No, you didn’t. You sympathized with her loneliness before you read ahead to make sure the boyfriend was coming back to her. Loneliness is not a crime. It’s cruel to be alone, but not a crime, the last I knew. If it is a crime, I’ll light the match to ignite myself for what I’ve done. Goodness knows, I’m burning up with guilt as it is. In my defense, I want my story to be told before I’m judged too harshly. Arturo King might be a rock legend, but he and I are human. We make mistakes. We made mistakes. Do we need to suffer for all of eternity because of them? I hope not. The jury still seems to be out, though. The greater question is: Is it possible to rekindle our love, when the past could burn us all?

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25775789-the-trials-of-guinevere-degrance

US: http://amzn.to/1FDZ2vO
UK: http://amzn.to/1J4KHJb
B&N: http://bit.ly/1Q8T9MX
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1M470U3
iBooks: http://apple.co/1EUfJIM

#1 The Legend of Arturo King
US: http://amzn.to/1SHlxpK
UK: http://amzn.to/1LF2WvB
B&N: http://bit.ly/1D154L1
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1gbhR3K
iBooks: http://apple.co/1JELYY8

#2 The Story of Lansing Lotte     TSOLL Ebook Cover

US: http://amzn.to/1OsjEfp
UK: http://amzn.to/1JELbGS
B&N: http://bit.ly/1IksFCF
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1gUMGtC

#3 The Quest of Perkins Vale      TQOPV Ebook Cover
US: http://amzn.to/1OsjHYC
UK: http://amzn.to/1LJQMjE
B&N: http://bit.ly/1LJRFsl
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1ftTWeX
iBooks: http://apple.co/1IksV4C

#4 The Truth of Tristan Lyons          TTOTL Ebook Cover

US: http://amzn.to/1JEL0eu
UK: http://amzn.to/1LJQKbl
B&N: http://bit.ly/1Dd0OIx
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1fL9VVZ
iBooks: http://apple.co/1JTPTAy
EXCERPT HoldTighter

If I ever wondered what the pits of hell felt like, I sensed my current position was similar to being in the fiery depths. The orange-yellow glow danced before me; blinding me to the man I knew was on the other side of the flames. His face was melting, fading in the fumes that surrounded and flowed from the heat. I sensed the wooden walls of the barn structure were crackling and eventually would crumble, but I continued to stand as if frozen. There would be no chance to freeze under the circumstances. If anything, I should be melting slowly to form a puddle on the floor. My skin felt as if it would peel off of me, one droplet of sweat at a time.
The blaze started in an attempt to gain Arturo’s attention. The boy wanted to impress his father: a rock god who stubbornly ignored his son, as he had done over a year ago in this same barn. The Barn. The place of inspiration for Arturo King and his band, The Nights. The place where they performed their magic through music. The place that marked where history was made.
I continued to stare through the flames that separated us. I could see that his lips were moving; calling or shouting out to me, but I couldn’t hear over the roar of the fire. His face was warped in my vision, drifting with the bright light that framed his head filled with dark waves and a jaw covered thicker than before. His brown eyes looked black as they stared back at me. I was trapped. The flames formed a wall between me and my beloved; a man I loved more than anyone. A man who I hurt more than I ever intended. A man who hurt me with his mysterious disappearance and lack of communication.
I didn’t move. Allowing the heat to consume me, I decided this might be my fate. Death by fire was how the adulteress was punished in ancient times. Of course, in romance novels a hero comes to the aid of the persecuted. My mind flashed to another man. He had been a hero to a little girl trapped within a burning building. He had been my hero, as well, when I was kidnapped in a drugged induced haze. He was someone I should not have been thinking of.
I continued to watch the movement of Arturo’s mouth. The roar of the flames was all that I heard. It made music to my ears, drowning out the accusations.
How could I do it? How could I be with another man?
The world seemed to stop as I struggled to give my answers. In contrast, it came alive in an orange glow that spread rapidly along the old wooden floor. My back was now against the warmth of the stones behind me. It was almost like I imagined a brick oven would feel. The ancient fieldstones were absorbing the heat and reflecting it back within the cramped space. Wood crackled above my head. The ripping sound only assured me that my end was eminent. The walls were catching and the barn was doomed to collapse.
Suddenly, I heard my name. The voice that screamed to me was clear, familiar, and not the voice that should have called for me.
“Guinie, turn around and reach up your hand,” he shouted down to me. It was like an angel spoke to me from the heavens. I couldn’t break my gaze on Arturo, but he was gesturing above me. His expression showed he clearly recognized who was over me, who was calling me. His eyes found mine through the flames and he nodded once. Then he looked away and I quickly spun reaching upward blindly. My eyes were dry, boiled orbs within their sockets. The smoke so thick, I confused it for fog. Stretching, my fingers connected with those reaching down for me. One hand was clasped, the opposite wrist encircled, and up I went into the freshness of the cool summer afternoon air. The scent of pine and lake water burned my smoke encrusted nose and I gasped for more oxygen. It was like I’d been drowning. A brief sensation I’d had a year ago in the water of that lake below.
My mind was clouded, but a passing image flashed of Arturo and me spinning in the blue water. He’d kissed me for the first time on that day then rolled us off the boat into the water in distraction. We were playful then. Not today. I heard his voice ringing in my head; his words enflamed with his bitterness.
How could I do it? Didn’t I love him?
I balanced on hands and knees in the dry earth near the burning barn. My throat was hoarse from gassy fumes and screams. I called out his name one more time, and then the inevitable happened. The wooden structure collapsed.

MY Review: 5 Stars  I was given an ARC of The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance, in exchange for an honest review. This is book five in the Legendary Rock Stars series. I just want it to be known I have been a fan of this series since Book 1 The Legend of Arturo King and I have been a Fan of L. B. Dunbar since I accidentally found her and the Sensation series. I am so glad that I came across such a talented author and story teller. Back to the book, OMG what a roller coaster ride. I am emotionally spent. I loved every minute of it. I don’t think I ever talked back to the characters in a book like I did with Guinevere DeGrance, i even cracked myself up with yelling at the book. Thank goodness i really don’t have neighbors close by. In the Trials of Guinevere DeGrance we not only find out if her and Arturo find their way back to one another, but it the band of brothers survived this long separation. Be ready for lots of twist and turns for them all.
I’m sad to see this series end for now. Congratulations L.B. for an amazing story, ending and series. If you have not yet read any of the books from the Legendary Rock Star Series get on board now, you will find two of the books on sale for a limited time and The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance comes out on 9/14/2015. This is a must read series you will not be disappointed. 
Karen Komarinski


L.B. Dunbar loves the original legend of King Arthur. Inspired by this classic tale, she pulled over to the side of the road to take notes when it hit her that if King Arthur lived today, he’d be a rock star. A lover of fairy tales, myths, legends, and anything with happily ever after, she loves to read and write contemporary romance. Her Legendary Rock Stars series is complete with the final tale: The Trials fo Guinevere DeGrance, but the story began with The Legend of Arturo King. She also wrote The Sensations Collection, which includes five stand alones based on the five senses in a small town setting near Lake Michigan. Raised on one side of that lake, she grew up in Michigan, but now lives on the other side, in Chicago. Mother to four, wife to the one and only, and teacher to hundreds of former students, she looks forward to sharing more stories in the future.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lbdunbarauthor
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/lbdunbar
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bjUJpf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lbdunbarwrites
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lbdunbar/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8195738.L_B_Dunbar
Website: http://www.lbdunbar.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/lbdunbarwrites/

There is a giveaway for one signed paperback of each book in the series (US only):
The Legend of Arturo King
The Story of Lansing Lotte
The Quest of Perkins Vale
The Truth of Tristan Lyons
The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance
+ a complete ebook set of The Legendary Rock Stars series (all 5 books) – in kindle format (International)

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