Get Ready For Spark

I just want to take a moment to Congratulate my friend and author S. L. Scott on her Cover Release for her Next Standalone Romance “Spark” coming to you on 2-22-18. Don’t forget to check out more of her works; she has something for everyone.  Karen
SPARK by @s.l.scott
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2018
Cover Design: RBA Designs
Goodreads: 🔥 Add to your GR:
One break is all The Crow Brothers need and we’re about to get it.
Johnny Outlaw, rock legend and lead singer of The Resistance, is here to watch us play.
But he’s not the only familiar face in the crowd—killer little body, heart-shaped face, and
drop-dead gorgeous.
Hannah Nichols sitting at the bar makes it hard to concentrate, sparks already
reigniting. The beauty was never a groupie and tonight she’s not here to catch our show.
She came to drop a bomb. “You have a son.”
What is it about musicians? Why are they so damn sexy?
My heart was Jet Crow’s the moment he opened his sexy mouth and sang that first
song. One stolen night with that man would never be enough, but I’m not here to fall into
his bed. Again. I’m here to fight for custody of a son he’s never known.
There’s just one problem. Those sparks between us have become flames. If we’re not
careful we’re both going to get burned.
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