The Man In The Black Suit by Sylvain Reynard

I want to thank Sylvain Reynard for inviting me & my blog to be apart of his highly anticipated release of; The Man In The Black Suit. 🎶 Long cool woman in a black Dress played in my head as I read this amazing story:< strong>Have your passport ready for this will take you on a trip of a life time. From page one this story had you hanging on tightly, following the mystery, danger and the awakening of two Souls that have been hiding for years. Acacia pretending to be someone else not only to fit in and trying to keep prejudice against her at bay but also to keep dangers from her past keeping her & her mother safe. Nicholas aka Pierre Breckman, has been hiding in his quest to avenge a wrong against his family and to avenge the death of his sister Riva. Acacia and Nicholas first meeting well let’s just say it was a bit chilly but a misunderstanding throws them together and they learn to trust one another. Acacia shows Nicholas that injustice can be fought/resolved without violence; and Acacia is made aware that sometimes things happen out of ones control. Sylvain Reynard has a way with his writing to highlight social injustice and reminding the reader we need more kindness and tolerance in the world. SR also knows how to write romance and love; while highlighting art,and history. I hope you go on this Journey with Acacia & Nicholas, your heart will be changed forever. Thank you SR for letting me be apart of the ARC reading of TMITBS, I hope my review does your story justice. < strong>Karen Komarinski aka (KK) I will cook to read !< >< strong>LINKS:<<<<<<< a href=””><<<<<<<<<<<<&lt; a href=””><<<<<<<<<<<<<&lt;

< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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