That little word holds so many different memories for several generations


camelot-movie camelotburtonandrews camelot images images sword-in-the-stone

Images of President Kennedy, Disney’s Sword and the Stone, Monty Pythons Holy Grail  and one’s favorite musical or movie rendition of the life of King Arthur .

Lets face it when we hear the word Camelot or the Name of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, a smile comes to our face’s for they represent something or someone special and magical and we all want to be a part of it.

At this moment and time, I think of the Legendary Rock Stars Series written by one  of my new favorite Author’s

LB Dunbar.


Author of the Sensations Collection and the Legendary Rock Stars series. Contemporary New Adult Romance.

This Series is a modern day twist on the Story of King Arthur

The first book is called The Legend of Arturo King, he is a musician, who’s band is called the Nights.

images I could not put it down and I used a lot of kleenex. You immediately connect with all the characters and you know the Knights are more than just a rock band, they are brothers. Everyone has secrets and regrets but at the same time they would die for one another. The love story between Arturo and Guinevere is intense, beautiful, and tragic at the same time.


I won an advance copy of The Story of Lansing Lotte, and was so excited.  I had just finished The Legend of Arturo King and wanted more. This book is worth waiting for, but I am glad i did not have to wait until its release on April 28th. Arturo is mentioned and so is the chaos the Knights and it members are going through.   But don’t be mistaken, this is Lansing’s story and journey. He learns about forgiveness, love, and that missed opportunities are not always meant to be recaptured. He is made to realize that his time with Guinevere has passed even though Arturo has disappeared.  Lansing would always be number #2 and he deserved to be someones #1. He is taught to forgive himself and except that he has someone waiting to save and love him. With the help of his best friend Galehaut, he see’s that Lila is there to save him and it is ok to let someone love you! Lansing has made some huge mistakes, and he takes full responsibility for them, but struggles through the darkness. In the end, he finds his way to the light, which not only helps him but also the Knights as they wait for Arturo’s return. I can’t wait to meet all the members of the Knights and learn their individual story’s. But most of all I’ll be waiting to find out how Arturo and Guinevere story ends. I want to take time and thank L.B. Dunbar for sharing this story and her talent.


I am so lucky that I won an Arc copy of The Quest of Perkins Vale in return for an honest review. This is book three in the legendary Rocks stars by L.B. Dunbar, and it does not disappoint. It’s starts off at that fateful night when Perkins with the help of Arturo saves Hollister, the girl he’s been looking for for 12 yrs. We live through Arturo’s accident, but it’s told through other’s perspective.  We see how each of them felt and how they were there for each other. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone, but you are going fall head over heals for Perkins Vale. He had contact with Arturo twice, and he tells Perkins to hold to Hollister no matter what.  We find out so much about the past through Perkins flash back of their youth and how the became a band of brothers.  I can’t wait for the band of brothers to come back together.   I’m really looking forward to Tristan’s story.   L.B. Dunbar, thanks again for writing & sharing another great story.


The Truth of Tristan Lyons Book 4 goes live on July 27, 2015  your can find and place your pre-order  For Tristan Lyons at

If it wasn’t for the fact that I needed sleep I would of finished Tristan’s story in one day! I was given an Arc to read before the it’s release July 27 2015 for an honest review. I love this series and each story gets better & better. Each book not only tells the individual band members story.  Not who the media plays them out to be, but who they really are and how they became apart of the band. Yes I do know this is only a story..with that said, with everyone’s story you learn more about the Knights & how the guys are more than band mates but brothers. I don’t want to give anything away or spoil the story, but you are in for some big surprises & still left with many questions. Once again, great read & story! You will fall in love with Tristan and Ireland’s story 🙂 Add Tristan or any of the Knights to your TBR List on Goodreads

Below is the Sensation Collection by LB Dunbar, I accidentally stumbled upon a release party that was introducing this new author, what a find since that day I have read every book that she has written and published to date


This is a beautiful story of love, Life, healing and destiny. Emily returns to her childhood summer home, to find her grandmother who raised her very frail and the house in much need of repairs. Emily could of never imagined the path her life was going to take when making that weekend trip. I met LB Dunbar the other night at a online Book Event & I won her flash contest & received The updated edition of Sound Advice, so very happy and I recommend this book as a must read.


Taste Test is book two of the Sensations Collection, but I have to admit I read after books, 1, 4, and 3. That is what is so great about this collection each book stands on it own, but after reading each story you see the close connection between the Scott and Carter family. You also fall in love with the small town of Elk Rapids. Taste Test is a modern on Beauty and the beast, but it has its own special story to tell. Ethan Scott comes back home after loosing his scholarship to finish his last year of college. He feels lost and is struggling with fact that he is stuck on the cherry farm, the one place he was trying to get away from. He wants to be a chef and his father wants him to take over the family farm, since his brother Gavin never came back after college. Ethan takes a mystery job and cannot tell anyone who and where he works. We find out his employer is Jacob Vincent famous author who needed a cook and someone for protection, but we find out the protection is not for him. All the secrecy puts an even bigger strain on Ethan’s relationship with his father Jack Scott. We meet Ella Vincentia, Jacob’s niece. She hides because of scares on her face and is skittish around strangers, she has been through a traumatic event in her life. Ella is not very happy with Ethan or Jacob at first, but things soon change between her and Ethan. Ella has dreams of going and studying in NY to become a fashion designer, since her scars took her dream of being a model away. In the story we are introduced to Pam Cater and her connection with Jacob and Ella, along with Sara Scott, Ethan’s mother who is battling cancer for the second time. You must read the story to see if Ethan takes Jack and Sara’s advice and follow his heart. I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to win Sound Advice and meet L. B. Dunbar on Facebook back in March. I am excited to read the final book of this collection Sight Words, but at the same time sad to say goodbye to the Scott and Carter Families and Elk Rapids. Thank you L. B. Dunbar for sharing your talent and stories.

imagesI love this town and how these families connect with each other. Pam and Jacob are two souls tortured by their past. Pam feels she will never be the person that is asked to get married and Jacob feels he deserves only suffering. Through their struggles during their professional/friendship they push each other to change their own destinies. But through doubts, miscommunications, and fears they almost lose each other. With the help of family and friends, they not only open Pam and Jacobs eyes, they give them the push they need to come together. I am so grateful that I found this series and L.D. Dunbar


Loved this book.  If this story and characters don’t effect you and touch your heart, I don’t know what will. I first became familiar with LB Dunbar when I won  a copy of Sound Advice, I immediately had a connection with the characters & the story.  During a cover reveal party ,I won a copy of Touch Screen. Gavin goes off to college in California to follow his dream of becoming a screen writer, but that meant leaving the family farm and disappointing the family.  When he returns home for a film festival, where his film is debuted, he reconnects with his first love.  Read this book, you won’t be sorry.  I need to go back and read TasteTest and Fragrance Free & look forward to not only to Sight Words.  Thank you again for sharing your Talent!


Once again we are reunited with the Carter and Scott family, Sight Words is Tricia’s story. She has recently broken up with her long time boyfriend Trent Walker. We will find out later in the story that Trent was not the sweet home town boy everyone thought he was and Tricia was better off without him. Tricia’s life is turned upside down when a stranger arrives in town with his two young sisters. Leon Ramirez is hot and dangerous. He and his family is befriended by the Carter Family, Jess helps him out by giving a job. There is a strong attraction between Tricia and Leon, but both their past and secrets are holding them back. I don’t want to give to much away, but Leon has to go back to Chicago and seek permission to be released from the gang he was apart of during his youth. Before he leaves Elk Rapids, Leon breaks Tricia’s heart in order to protect her from being destroyed by his past. You’ll have to read the Story to find out if he wins Tricia’s heart back when he returns to Elk Rapids, but he must get past her brothers Jess and Tom first. I have really enjoyed the Sensations Collection and sad to say good bye to the Carter and Scott Family’s and the Town of Elk Rapids. Thank you so much for sharing their stories with us, L. B. you are a very talented story teller.

If you are in need of a good story I highly suggest you looking into the works of Author LB Dunbar

I hope you enjoyed todays post and I will be back soon with more family stories and recipes!

Thanks KK


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