Cake’s don’t always need to be baked from Scratch


Today is my mom’s 82nd  birthday.  We are so blessed to still have both our parents with us.


When we were growing up, my mom made the most amazing birthday cakes.  Not only did they taste fantastic, but they looked amazing.  One year she made one of my older sisters a telephone cake.  She also made other occasion cakes such as a bear cake, a record player with records, a castle and even a sitting bunny at Easter.

images  betty-crocker-cover  images

I would watch my mom in awe as she would cut the shapes out of the layers and the cake would come to life.  In 5th  grade I made the basketball team, and that year for my birthday my mom made a basketball cake. images

I love to bake from scratch, but lets face it a cake from scratch can be intimidating.  Or it could be you simply don’t have time or want to invest in all the ingredients needed for that once in a while cake.  The only thing I don’t budge on is Icing, never from a can.  Although sometimes I will use Wilton whipped Icing that you mix yourself from a box. Wilton_Whipped_Icing__Mix_710-1241_l

To make an ordinary box cake a signature cake simply replace half or all the water with your favorite beer, fruit juice, wine or liquor. It also can be as simple as adding your favorite spice or extract.

Note: Don’t forget the love:

Butter Cream Icing: (enough Icing for a layer cake 8” or 9”)


1 stick of soften butter

1 tablespoon Vanilla

6 cups powder sugar

14 tablespoons of heavy cream (you can also us half-n-half)

Procedure: Put everything in a mixing bowl and whip until fluffy and smooth. (start out slow until powder sugar in incorporated or it will be snowing in your kitchen) lol

Enjoy and Create KK


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