The Day I was told I had No Talent:

As you begin to read this you may be thinking to yourself I thought this is a food blog, well you are right but if you notice my Blog heading and if you read the story me; you would know that I would be sharing not only my love of cooking by my love for books, friends, music and Art.  Well, my friends bear with me for today is that day. (Tomorrow will be the story of the Wedding Cake)


August of 1985 yes I said I found myself attending a small College in Keyser West Virginia, prior to my Senior year in high school I never thought of going to college for I did not think I was smart enough and thanks to a few teachers one taught  literature and the other Art along with my parents made me see the possibility.

I was off and felt over my head, I was in the college choir those rehearsals and my Humanities class were my favorite part of my day and the other class that was part of my major that should  have been a high light I became to hate it.  Nothing I did in my art class was right I could not please the teacher at all, with the encouragement of my new friends and another professor I asked this instructor what I needed to work on to improve my skills and replied Nothing you have No Talent and finished the statement with your also an out-of-state student….

Though life took me in a different direction but I will never forget the people and classes that shaped me in those 2yrs.  I studied Greek Philosophy and Dante. Traveled the state with the choir and was the team mascot for the schools athletic department. (which was totally out this shy girls comfort zone)

1986 Homecoming:Holloween weekend I still sometimes have doubts about my talents but again with the help with family and friends I push on and take that leap of faith.   Because it is National Poetry month and a very good friend told me I Needed to share this…This Is for you BAE!  ( Note the picture I sketch in 1987, the poem I completed March 2015) 


Running from the Dark into the Light by Karen Lee Komarinski 3/20015

You hid in the Shadows and waited for your time

you disguised yourself as a friend

you pushed your way in between the betrayal of friendship and love

then in the sadness of the loss of family members

Way to young to leave the here and now.

You chipped away at my confidence and made me question my talents, my own self worth

You The Darkness were swallowing me whole until I grabbed on to Hope

And with Hope came a Light.

On my way to the light I tripped and let Hope slip away!

I opened my heart and left in what I thought was light

But I was tricked by the darkness within.

I let you paralyze me with fear: taking my voice, stealing my cheer.

In the silence I find my thoughts drifting telling myself I have no talents

I’M A Failure 

just not good enough, an embarrassment to all


I’m telling you this all stops here and now.

I’m asking for Mercy

searching for Love ❤ 

I have once again found hope and grabbing on to it tight

I am running out of the darkness

I am running towards the light

The light of hope, family and friends.


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