The Story of the Easter Pie….Pizzacheene

IMG_0583This tradition came about when I started working for the Diocese of Greensburg.  I was chef and household manager at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. My boss was Fr. Michael Begolly who himself was an accomplished and well-known gourmet cook….Yeah so no pressure  Just want to note that Fr. Michael is now Monsignor Michael.  Sorry back to the story…  Father Michael found out that Bishop Anthony Bosco loved Pizzacheene (Easter Pie). I was handed a recipe that was written down from memory with no exact measurements and I had two days to figure it out. I was not just making one of these, but four, and  one of the four was going to Bishop Bosco for him and his family to enjoy that Easter Sunday.    I went home that night and with the help of my mom, we tackled this recipe.  Of course, I offered many prayers to the god and goddess of Pizzacheene”   Well Holy Thursday came and I was up late the night before baking a test run at home.  Now it was time to prepare four of these for my boss.  Let’s just say it was a very nerve racking day.  The pies are prepared in a springform pan and have many layers. They bake at 300 degree for 1 hour or more.  The you pray that the dough is cooked and after it cools it comes out of the pan without sticking.  I have one comment thank goodness I was over 21 because I needed and had a stiff drink after work that day.

IMG_0550 IMG_0551


I had to wait until Tuesday of the following week to find out if everyone was pleased, for the church offices were officially closed Holy Thursday thru Easter Monday.  I felt no news was good news and hoped I still had a job come Tuesday morning….lol

The story that was told to me is that Bishop Bosco did serve this to his family after the Easter Vigil Mass.  During the meal his brother commented that the pie was good but the dough could have been sweeter.  Bishop Bosco replied, “no, you’re wrong, I think its perfect.”  10 yrs later I am still making this dish for my family.

Bosco-Anthony-G-USCCB-300-dpi After that Easter, I prepared and organized several important dinners and functions for Bishop Bosco.  May he Rest in peace.


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