Story of me….hope you don’t fall asleep :)

Scan2  Hello my name is Karen Komarinski and welcome to my Blog.

To describe this blog, it is a celebration of food, family, friends, Books and Art.

I am the youngest of seven, we grew up on a working farm.  I have three older brothers Dan, Matt, and Mike and three older sisters Sandy, MaryAnn and Judy. Too many nieces and nephews plus greats to mention, but you will meet them along this journey.  I am known to family and friends as kk, kkaroo, and my favorite karinski.  Being the youngest I spent a lot of time in the Kitchen with my mom and an Easy Bake Oven that was passed on to me by older sisters.  It looked like a miniature oven that baked with a 100 watt bulb. I baked mini pies, cakes and bread.

Monday’s we made soup and bread.  Along side my mom, we would bake 12 loaves for the week. We had soup in the winter and in the summer  we had what ever was fresh from the garden.  We laugh now thinking back we were eating organic and grass fed, and free range before it was a thought.

In this blog I will be sharing family traditions and recipes that I have either created or tweaked over the last 20yrs or more.   I am a self taught Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator, along with savory cooking.  With a little nudge from my sister, Judy, in 1996 I went back to school. I attended Community College and was accepted in their apprenticeship program where I developed even more skills and knowledge.  I have worked in many kitchens and restaurants over my career.  I’ve learned lessons of what to do and not to do.  I also found out over time I do not belong in this cut throat environment.  All the meanness and back stabbing was not only killing my love of cooking but my passion to create.

I cook with passion and lots of love.  I am still working towards my dream of owning a little Cafe, but for now I will share my food through my blog. I do private catering/dinner parties…I will travel to cook.

A shoutout to my very talented twitter friends who I have been teasing with all my posting of food that I have cooked over the past few months.  They are the ones that  encouraged me to take this creative leap of faith…and yes one day we will have a destination Dinner Party.

I hope you enjoy my cooking and stories….Don’t be surprise if you come across a book review or some other kind of art work done by me or a friend.

Blessings Karen ( karinski)


3 thoughts on “Story of me….hope you don’t fall asleep :)

  1. Congratulations on your new Blog KK. You’ve done a great job, it looks fabulous.
    I’m looking forward to reading what you share and hopefully pick up a handy cooking tip or two along the way. 😉
    Best wishes to you KK, may this be the beginning of a successful path that leads to your ultimate dream.
    Kez xo

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