Childhood Memories in the Kitchen

Being the youngest, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen along side my mom learning to cook.  I used an Easy Bake Oven (it looked like a miniature range)  that was passed on to me by my older sisters.  Every Monday was Bread day.  My mom would bake 12 loaves of bread and finish the soup she started on Sunday.  Mom always taught us that it takes two day to make a proper soup.  Day one you make the stock,  cool it and put in the refrigerator.  The next day remove any fat that comes to the top and then its ready to go.  The smells in the house were amazing with the bread in the pans rising on the radiators and the soup simmering on the stove.  To keep me out mischief, my mom would give me a small amount of dough so I could shape rolls or loaves of bread and bake them in my Easy Bake Oven with its 100 watt bulb. Bless my father for he would eat what ever I would bake in that oven.

Easy Bake Oven
Easy Bake Oven

One thought on “Childhood Memories in the Kitchen

  1. This is a wonderful story KK.
    It took me back to a time, in a certain kitchen, where I experienced the incredible smells of bread making and its mouthwatering affects.
    Add the aroma of homemade soup to mix, it must have been amazing KK.
    How cute is that Easy Bake oven. 🙂
    A lovely post KK.

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